When creating a site, choosing the most favorable colors is one of the most challenging jobs that arise instead of the deceptive acceptance. Picking the flawless chromatic palette is essential in order to efficiently communicate the message, in order to build up the idea of an exceptional entity and to generate brand responsiveness.

How can we pick the colors?

Research proved that colors have a great impact on all over the society. The color combinations that you apply on your website can tempt the visitor to participate in the goal of your site, which is to boost your business or if it is not attractive enough then they leave it after the first few seconds. Your visitors will be greatly influenced by the selection of colors and other visual presented components in their resolution to keep browsing your site or to leave it.
Regardless of the field of activity, we will give you a few tips here that you should take into account for any website:

1. Use a normal palette of colors

The natural colors are more pleasing than any of their artificial corresponding items. For an emotional and open response that you expect from your visitors you should be intelligent enough to combine these colors properly. Furthermore, do not use unnatural colors like bright green, blue or red as they frequently are the basic reason of eye exhaustion and takes visitors prospects away. One other thing that you should know is that the primary colors like red, yellow or orange can work well for food promotion purposes.

2. Generate a solid contrast between a page’s background and its text

For a reading text, it should be in black and its best combination is with white background. There are many other excellent combinations of background besides white of many websites, like dark blue, gray and black. When it comes to the product promotion there is a different scenario. When the product is the focal point of consideration, disaturated colors should be used. You can see in the photo below, exactly the difference.


While in the first photo all the eyes are fascinated mainly by the product box, in the second picture might be missed out of the attention.

3. Select normal 3 different colors and use them consistently in the website

Chromatic coordination is one of the most important standards in order to create an enjoyable experience for the visitors. Therefor, we recommend that a modest number of colors should be used, it means that they should be four of five, but it will create inconsistency if you use more than that. The website will not be eye catching for the visitors and the most important thing is that they will stick in those colors rather than getting the main purpose of the site.

4. Be sure to take into account targeted category

Make sure that the message of your site reaches to the people who have different cultural background. You should take into account the to-do’s and not to-do’s, it means that different factors such as gender, age or culture should be kept in mind. You are required to research market thoughtfully to make your site more attractive for the exact category you’re targeting.