A graphic designer’s cheat sheet for marsala

Shyrose Vastani of Think Design writes: “It is a color which has taken the world of graphic design by storm, and split the population fairly evenly between those who absolutely love to use it, and those who utterly detest this particular shade of red. So what is it about this color that has raised such a furor among graphic designers around the world, even as its use continues to spread, and is only expected to increase during the latter half of the year?”

The infographic below, A Designer’s Cheat Sheet for Marsala, will help graphic designers, web designers, and just about everyone make the use of the Marsala, color of the year, easier. Here you’ll find a range of tips on how to use this rich, earthy shade of red just right, where to use it, and which colors to combine it with in order to produce the most aesthetic results.