Searching CC Images on Flickr

Flickr has a dedicated page to help you easily find images that are available under CC. Or you may use alternative tools like Flickr CCFlickr Storm and Comp Fight that, for some searches, are better than Flickr’s own search interface.

Using CC Images from Flickr

If you are using an image from Flickr, all they require is that the image on the external site should link back to Flickr’s page where that image is originally hosted. The problem is that Flickr’s current style of attribution doesn’t meet the CC guidelines for attribution which require that you:

  • Cite the author’s screen name (link to the author’s profile page).
  • Cite the work’s title or name (link the name directly to the original work).
  • Cite the specific CC license the work is under (link to the license on the CC website).

The HTML code that Flickr provides for embedding CC images on to other sites satisfies only one of the three guidelines for attribution. You can use an online tool called ImageCodr to generate embed code that meets all the attribution guidelines of CC as well as Flickr. Put the URL of any Flickr image into this tool and you get a code that satisfies all the requirements.

There are few errors as the tool will throw up an error message if you try using an image that doesn’t have the CC license. The author of the tool inserts an invisible link to his website in the generated HTML code which you may want to remove prior to using the code.

Generate Attribution Code via Bookmarklet

Flickr CC Bookmarklet. If you frequently use Flickr images on your site, use the above bookmarklet to quickly generate attribution code directly from any Flickr photo page.