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About Waxx Productions LLC (from website)

Waxx Productions LLC is a New York City–based music production company created from twenty-plus years of Christopher X. Walker’s musicality experience — tried and tested.

wx-200x200-portraitWe specialize in writing, arranging, producing, sound design, live and studio sound mixing. Having heard a plethora of music professionals say, “This is the way it should be done!” Waxx Productions feels the only way it should be done is the way the client wants it done.

Ever evolving, Waxx Productions adapts to an artist’s vision and unforeseen moments of inspiration during the production process. We use musical and technical expertise to support the artist’s process, unique to each individual. Understanding in-depth the common denominator between artistry, audience, and the technical elements of a performance, Waxx Productions can provide a proficiently smooth experience from pre- thru post-production. Waxx Productions assures original visions come to fruition.

— Christopher X. Walker

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