Oslo Pride T-shirt

kr 375

  • Fruit of the Loom t-shirt in 100% cotton
  • Printed front and back
  • Design: Manhole Cover from Oslo
  • Printed in The Netherlands

This item ships from/within Norway.

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  • Motif: St. Hallvard with three arrows, millstone and a woman at his feet.
  • Designer: Professor Karl Emil Dôpler.
  • Year: The motif was designed in 1892.
  • Municipality: Oslo

The oldest source of the motif was found in a 700-year-old city seal. The motif shows St. Hallvard with saint relics; three arrows and a millstone. The three arrows are the arrows he was killed with and the millstone, according to the legend, was used to sink the body of St. Hallvard to the bottom of the Drammensfjord. In front of St. Hallvard’s feet is a naked woman who is the symbol of the woman the saint tried to save when he was killed.

The manhole cover design used on the Oslo Pride t-shirt is created by Michael Holtermann, Holtermann Design, drawn from a street photo of a manhole cover in Oslo.

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