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In the article Introducing Cuba, Loney Planet states that Cuba is “Timeworn but magnificent, dilapidated but dignified, fun yet maddeningly frustrating; Cuba is a country of indefinable magic.”

Cuba is known for its white-sand beaches, rolling mountains, cigars, rum, and colorful vintage cars.

Havana, the capital, features well-preserved Spanish colonial architecture within its 16th-century core. Old Havana loomed over by the pre-revolutionary Capitolio. Salsa emanates from the city’s dance clubs and cabaret shows are performed at the famed Tropicana.

Now, with the changing relationship with the U.S., Cuba is becoming more accessible to American travelers. The cruise industry have been waiting decades for Havana to open its port in a region worn out by tourists.

This will influence fashion and design and I think we’ll soon see all-things Cuban.

RayBan's Havana Erika
RayBan Havana sunglasses – ErikaCuba is also making its influence on fashion and trends with Rayban's Havana series already on the market.
RayBan's Havana Justin
RayBan Havana sunglasses – Justin

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