Who can benefit from our web solutions?

  • Artists & designers
  • Musicians/Bands
  • Startups
  • Established businesses
  • Restaurants
  • YOU!

What’s in the ‘box’?

  • WordPress install on a server of your choice
  • CMS (Content Management System) in your language
  • Choice of a WP theme and string translation of the theme, if needed*
  • Adaptation using your logo and branding/style

*In addition to English, we set up WordPress CMS and offer themes, templates, and plugins string translations (localization) in Norwegian, Swedish, Danish, Dutch, and German.

How it works and how we work with you

First, you need to tell us about yourself (your business) and your needs, wishes, and goals. You’ll also send us logo(s), colors, and branding/style directions. We’ll also need text from you and what you want on what pages. Send us URL to sites you like.

We’ll then help research themes and plugins that we find a good starting point for your site. When you’ve settled on a direction, we’ll set up your site on our test server so that you can check in online and see live what your site will look like.

Only after you’ve approved the site will we transfer the site to your server. You’ll have your own login and full access to the various components of the site. This means total independence for you. You can choose to further develop your site yourself, continue using us, or find someone else.

The only free cheese is in the mouse trap


You’ve heard the proverb The only free cheese is in the mouse trap. Our services are not free, but affordable. When the finished website is on your server, you’re free to do whatever you want with it. You’ll have a solid foundation for your business to grow on. WordPress is a system that keeps your files and databases on your server. If you later choose to change direction and themes, you can do so without having to ask us for your files. It’s that simple! Of course, we’re always here to help.

Terms and conditions

1/3 of the payment is required up front, 1/3 half-way through the project (for larger projects, and when you approve the site on our test server you pay us the remainder of the fee. Then we’ll transfer the site to your server in one to two days. Typically, the whole process takes about 4–6 weeks from beginning until your site is published.